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An epic sci-fi outer space fantasy series by Stel Pavlou


About the book

From bestselling novelist, Stel Pavlou, comes a gritty yet funny epic science fiction fantasy series for middle grade readers.

Below the surface on a forgotten planet, Daniel Coldstar, a child slave, searches for relics from a lost alien civilization. Daniel has no memory of his past. All he knows is to do his job and fear the masters of the mines, until he unearths a relic more powerful than anything he has ever seen... a relic that might help him escape...

What follows is an epic outer space adventure filled with Truth Seekers, anatoms, Leechers, and the evil Sinja who seek to control the entire universe.

All that stands in their way is a boy named Daniel Coldstar, whose journey will change the galaxy forever.



Reviews and Endorsements

Gr 4-7–Daniel’s mind has been “wiped clean.” He remembers language and numbers, but he has no memory of other portions of his previous life. He has returned to the Racks where the “grubs” are. They remember him, but he has no memory of them. Enslaved by Overseers, the grubs fend for themselves as they dig in a relic mine searching for a civilization of long ago.

Set in outer space in 4182, the book starts out with vivid descriptions of its characters, including Nails, a grub who has dirty fingernails growing out of his scalp where his hair should be. Along with Daniel’s action-packed journey, Pavlou offers up interesting themes on truth, power, and wisdom. Forty-four short, fast-paced chapters make for page-turning action that is sure to zip readers through this zany outer space adventure. A glossary is included to help with the unusual author-created vocabulary.

VERDICT Sure to be a hit for sci-fi readers who love a wild romp; a strong choice for middle grade adventure shelves.





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